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India is Yoga’s birthplace; hence it is evident that an enthusiastic and passionate aspirant of Yoga will always prefer India to learn Yoga in deep. But some time question arises where to go for Yoga Teacher Training India? What is the best yoga school in India?

For the best practice of Yoga, a positive and naturally blessed place is always recommended, and Goa has all for a unique life-changing Yoga-learning experience. Stretching along the Arabian Sea, Goa has great beautiful beaches that offer a naturally blessed relaxing environment. From all over the Globe, aspirants come to Goa for Yoga Teacher Training in Goa.

At Bhakti Yogshala, a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is available for the holistic learning of Yoga. For the 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Bhakti Yogshala is considered one of the best Yoga Schools in Goa as we offer a precisely crafted course for inclusive Yoga learning. Bhakti Yogshala facilitates several other options for 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh & Keral. Our 200 Hours Teacher Training Course features Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Aerial, Kundalini Yoga, and sessions of Meditation et Cetra.

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At Bhakti Yogshala, highly experienced Yoga Teachers (Yogis) teach Yoga for sustainable development from aspirant to master. This Yoga journey includes purely natural food and the best suitable accommodation for better results.

There are several career benefits associated with yoga teacher training, but Bhakti Yogshala provides value in many other ways. In addition to injury prevention and increased flexibility, yoga can improve posture and enhance your outlook on life.

Here are some benefits discovered from yoga training at Bhakti Yogshala.

Take your Yin Yoga teacher training practice to the next level

In addition to finding out what it takes to become a yoga teacher, joining a yoga teacher training program will likely help you take your yoga practice to a new level. Through a Yin Yoga teacher training in Goa certification, you will be able to learn advanced yoga techniques and poses from experienced yoga teachers, which will enable you to become more comfortable with ancient art that can take decades to master.

Accept change as a part of life

Through Yin Yoga teacher training in Goa, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of yoga itself but also of your own life. Eventually, you will learn how to be open-minded and accepting of nature after experiencing a nurturing environment, engaging with new people, and discovering unique perspectives on life. Our various courses of Yoga teacher training offer this benefit, indeed.

Get in touch with your inner self

Mind and body are connected through breathing. Therefore, learning meditation and breathing techniques through Yin Yoga teacher training in Goa is very important before teaching others. To discover your true potential, you must get trained with experienced Yin Yoga teacher training in Goa and our other course trainers. Yoga teacher training offers many benefits worth exploring.

Life-changing multi style Yoga teacher experience

You may be led to a place that genuinely enchants you, as you train as a yoga teacher. If you want to get the most out of your multi style Yoga teacher training in Goa, find a setting packed with flora and spiritual energy.

There are many benefits to becoming a yoga teacher, and one of the best is that you can earn money while doing what you love.Not only will you be able to complete your training in an exotic location, but you'll also be able to earn money while you're doing it. This is the perfect way to earn a living while also getting to see the world with the best yoga teacher training Goa.

Develop a more creative Yoga expression

Students who have participated in the courses of the Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa will report experiencing a burst of creativity through their practice. As we learn new yoga asanas and practices during yoga teacher training with multi style Yoga teacher training in Goa, our way of seeing the world also changes.

There is no doubt that yoga is growing in popularity as a practice that assists you in achieving optimum health and also aids you in recovering from pain in the body and mind. In addition Bhakti Yogshala in some yoga forms, can help to recover old injuries that can be healed through physical healing.

Relationships that last a lifetime

During our Bhakti Yogshala yoga teacher training courses, friends are made that last a lifetime. In addition, our yoga school promotes knowledge and cultural exchange by bringing together students and practitioners from around the world.

Despite this, students report that the greatest treasure is the positive connections they make with other students in multi style Yoga teacher training Goa, which are often more robust and sometimes even last a lifetime.

The benefit of Yoga Teacher Training sense of fulfillment

With Bhakti Yogshala vast knowledge of the multi-dimensional aspects of yoga practice and how it transforms students physically, mentally, and spiritually, we are the top multi style Yoga teacher training Goa provider.

The ability to solve problems and build a team

A Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa program at Bhakti Yogshala typically involves small groups and many team-building activities. In addition to improving problem-solving skills, these activities promote teamwork among participants.

Make your way

Students are given the knowledge and strength to pursue Ashtanga yoga teacher training Goa as a passion through the multidimensional approach of yoga teacher training. Others realize that they still need to work on developing their independent classes, while others decide to start their own. It is also beneficial to gain courage due to yoga teacher training.

Yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience in its true essence and preparing for it. The Physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of getting Ashtanga yoga teacher training Goa can benefit you to achieve your desired goals in the Yoga profession.

Ensures Ashtanga yoga consistency in structure

Although Bhakti Yogshala may strive to practice yoga regularly, the busy nature of our lives, family responsibilities, and work can hinder our efforts.

An intensive Ashtanga yoga teacher training Goa teacher training course provides the best environment for mastering yoga and brings you onto the structural learning path. Therefore, taking yoga teacher training in 2022 has probably the most significant benefit!

Learn about the theory of Yoga Teacher Training

Our Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa course will give you a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and teach you about yogic theory and texts. These scriptures shed light on how yoga evolved and reminded practitioners of its original purpose by providing the context behind ancient philosophies and practices.

As part of the yoga teacher training course, you will learn anatomy, which goes far beyond naming muscles and bones and identifying tendons and ligaments.

There are many advantages to becoming a yoga teacher through our Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa courses, but it takes time to become a renowned instructor. Developing a yoga-inspired life, learning the variety of asana modifications at Bhakti Yogshala, and gaining deep clarity in yoga philosophy will take years. Therefore, it is best to get started right away!

What we Offer

Complimentary Therapies With the 200 hours of teacher training course, several therapies are provided free to enhance Yoga practicing. These therapy sessions are complimentary with 200 hours of teacher training courses in Goa at Bhakti Yogshala. These therapies include:

Marmchikitsa (Marma Therapy), Colour Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Diet Therapy, Naturopathy. It is to provide you with an extraordinary experience for the world feeling. We believe a relaxed body is a boon for Yoga. Come, Join and experience Yoga Therapies for free!

Note: Therapies will be provided only after the consultation with the doctor.

  • Created by K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic method of Yoga that mainly focuses on “Trishthana” and breathing and movement controlling. The practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a must to follow the routine of daily learning. Normally, its method starts with the repetitions of Surya Namaskara and then with the six series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Here you will learn practice series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga of K. Pattabhi Jois.
  • How to create your own Vinyasa Sequence for better results.
  • How to run a class for an expected outcome using Mysore Style.
  • How to deal with students and resolve queries regarding Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Key points: Ujjayi breathe, Drishti and Bandhas.
  • You will learn to modify the difficult poses.

  • Yin Yoga consists of principles of traditional Chinese medical system following postures to stimulate channels of the subtle body. It is based on the concept of Tao, Yin and Yang principle of nature. Here you will learn:
  • Introduction to Chinese medicine: Meridians, Yoga and Fascia
  • Yin-Yang Concept of Taa
  • The art of healing body and calm your mind
  • Yin Yoga practice with all its attributes

  • Hatha Yoga is a traditional style of Yoga in which “Hatha” literally means “Force”. Hatha Yoga is commonly known as practice of balancing two energies. I.e. Mind and Body, but it is more than it. Here, you will learn:
  • The various aspects of Yoga: Pranayam, Meditation, Mudra, Bandhas, Kriya
  • Different Yoga asanas in a traditional Indian way
  • Philosophy of yogic life-style with Holy Scriptures and ancient yogic text.

  • Aerial Yoga (Commonly called “Antigravity Yoga” is a different style of Yoga in which using ceiling suspended prop, aspirants learn inversion poses. It increases strength, the flexibility of body without putting extra pressure on head, spine and shoulders.
  • Doing it you will experience anti-gravity
  • Aspirants will learn designing sequences for the therapeutic treatments
  • Aerial Yoga relieves back pains, improves mental capacity and expands your limits

  • Yoga not only deals practise of asana, control on mind and spiritual consciousness is also its important aspect. Meditation brings calmness in mind and stables energy. A controlled and concentrated mind is the key to the best Yoga practices.
  • Aspirants will get a detailed understanding of Meditation practices.
  • Kundalini Meditation: Theory of Chakras
  • Yoga Nindra: Consciousness of “going to sleep” stage
  • Cyclic Management: For stress management
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Tratka: Candlelight Meditation to bring energy to the “third-eye”

  • Bhakti Yoga is a way of expressing love and devotion toward deity. Literally “Bhakti” means “Worship” and the word root is “Bhaj”. This path can be followed by chanting, singing, Satsang and dancing in the devotion of ultimate power.
  • Bhajan-Kirtan with live devotional music
  • The practice of Ajapa-Japa ( Repetition of Mantra)
  • Philosophy of “Bhakti”- Path of Devotion

  • Yoga philosophy sessions are the spirit of the whole learning of Yoga. Yoga is all about mind, body and spirit in a union. Yoga philosophy sessions are to clear concepts of Yoga and its all aspects. Yoga Philosophy sessions are to clear concerns and queries of Yoga. It includes teachings of:
  • Three-Gunas of nature ( Sattva, Rajas and Tamas)
  • Philosophy of Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads and Vedas
  • Concept of Moksha and Maya
  • History, Yoga-Paths and Yogic texts
  • Koshas, Pranas, Chakras, Pranayama et cetera
  • Ayurveda; concepts and benefits

Overview of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

200 hours yoga teacher training course is a series of the precisely crafted syllabus for the complete understanding of Yoga and becoming a master of it. It is specially designed by keeping the expert opinions of experienced Yogis. We focus on teaching Methodologies for a better understanding of concepts. Some highlights of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa:

  • Well managed 200 hours yoga teacher training course for holistic development.
  • Approved by the International Yoga Alliance, USA.
  • Classes by highly experience Yoga Masters.
  • Concept clearing and Yoga Philosophy classes.
  • Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama sessions.
  • Special attention on Yoga Teaching, Teaching Methodology, Lifestyle and Ethics.
  • Comfortable accommodation for the best possible atmosphere of Yoga learning.
  • Pure Vegetarian Meals, Herbal Tea as suggested by Yoga experts.
  • Free Wi-fi facility.
  • Sightseeing and exploring Goa.


We are what we eat, they say. So, a great deal of care has to be taken when it comes to preparing food. At Bhakti Yogshala, they have chosen the food as per the requirements of the yoga practitioners. Keeping in mind the nutritional values and following the guidelines of Ayurvedic science, they have prepared a wide spread of Saatvik and Rajasik food which satisfies not only the taste of tongue but also the soul and mind.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Coffe
  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

Daily Schedule

06:30-07:00 am Self-Practice: Warm-up/Pranayama/Meditation/Jala-neti/ Perfecting a Posture
07:00-08:30 am Asana class I [Hatha/Vinyasa/Ashtanga/Yin/Aerial/Kundalini]
08:30-10:15 am Breakfast / Leisure
10:15-11:15 am Philosophy / Theory I
11:30-01:15 pm Asana clinic / Adjustment / Practicum
01:30-03:20 pm Lunch / Rest / Leisure
03:20-04:20 pm Anatomy / Theory II
04:30-06:00 pm Asana class II [Hatha/Vinyasa/Ashtanga/Yin/Aerial/Kundalini/Acro]
06:00-06:30 pm Refresh / Tea
06:30-07:30 pm Meditation/Kirtan/Group discussion
07:30 onwards Dinner / Study / Free Time

Course Dates

Dates Status Double Sharing Dormitory Private Room Status
➢ 10th Oct - 02nd Nov Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 21st Oct - 12th Nov Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 03rd Nov - 24th Nov Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 13th Nov - 06th Dec Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 25th Nov - 17th Dec Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 17th Nov - 10th Dec Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 30th Nov - 23rd Dec Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 6th Dec - 29th Dec Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 20th Dec - 12th Jan 2022 Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 4th Jan - 27th Jan Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 20th Jan - 12th Fab Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 5th Fab - 28th Fab Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 21th Fab - 16th Mar Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 7th Mar - 30th Mar Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 21th Mar - 12th Apr Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 4th Apr - 27th Apr Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 18th Apr - 11th May Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 2th May - 25th May Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 23 May - 15 Jun Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 6th Jun - 29th Jun Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now
➢ 20th Jun - 13th Jul Open $ 1199 $ 899 $ 1499 Register Now

Our Awesome Team

A student is an empty vessel and a teacher is the source that fills this empty vessel with in-depth knowledge and wisdom.

Swami Taponidhi
Philosophy, Meditation Teacher
Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher
Deepa Ji
Hatha Yoga ,Chair Yoga ,Ayurveda Teacher
Pawan Maheshwari Ji
Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga Teacher
Pranayama ,Philosophy,Meditation Teacher
Asana, Anatomy Teacher
Pranayama,Mudra,Shatkriya,Ayurveda Teacher
Hatha Yoga ,Pranayama Teacher

Bhakti Yogshala is a Yoga Alliance International (USA) certified Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India.