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“Yoga” and “Goa”, are not a new alliance of two words, it has been together from the very beginning of civilization and spiritual consciousness. India is yoga’s birthplace and from thousands of years, Goa has been the spiritual centre and place of sages who achieved utmost divinity of Yoga. Today, not only East but also South places like Goa & the western world is also very familiar with this world capital of Yoga and looking the way for Yoga Teacher Training India.

Place like Goa is paradise for Yoga learners and Yoga Masters, as it offers all that is suitable for an ideal environment of Yoga. Every year a number of students come in India to explore its ancient cultural treasure and knowledge of Yoga is the most precious jewel. In India, one must visit these places to experience the best learning of Sanatana Dharma’s cultural values and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training India is the best way for it. 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India (Goa) is a life-changing experience and every Yoga aspirant must feel it.

Why you should do your

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa ?

We offer all reasons that make you ready for the Yoga teacher training India, Goa. As Yoga is not only about the physical practice or body postures, it also includes mental health and spiritual consciousness and for these, environment matters a lot. In Goa, you will not only be benefitted by the experienced teaching of Yoga Masters, but you will also get the nourishment of divine peaceful atmosphere that is best suitable for the practice of Yoga.

Nowadays, a number of aspirants from all over the globe are interested in the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India especially from Goa. As these places facilitates:

An ideal peaceful environment for the holistic development of Yoga skills.

Here you will get USA Yoga Alliance Certified Courses. E.g. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa.

All forms of Yoga are practiced in Goa like Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga, Bhakti Yoga et cetera at Registered Yoga Schools.

Outskirts of Goa are amazingly blessed with nature; here you can also enjoy various adventurous activities like Bungee Jumping, volleyball, and many things.

Welcome to Bhakti Yogshala

Bhakti Yogshala Goa

Bhakti Yogshala offers a blessing for the prosperous life through the divinity of Yoga. Bhakti Yogshala (Yoga School) is a prominent name for yoga teacher training in Goa; the world capital of Yoga. “Bhakti” is a Sanskrit word derived from the root “Bhaj”, which resembles means of “Devotion, Worship and Partake” and “Yogshala” simply means “Place of Yoga or School of Yoga”.

In Bhakti YogaShala, you will find Yoga teachers who are extremely devoted to yoga practice and focused to provide the best Aerial Yoga Teacher Training India to those, who are keen toward exploring all the dimensions of Yoga. We provide food and accommodation that perfectly suits the demand of Yoga. For yoga certification online, Bhakti Yoga School has a separate place.

If you are ready to break your inner boundaries and want to feel beyond the world through Yoga practice, the place is for you. We will nourish the seeds of yoga and you will surely see yourself blossom and maturing from apprentice to teacher. Our students say 300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa not only transformed their yoga practice but also their entire life. Come and find the path to your true and best self with the best yoga school in Goa.

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Why Choose Us?

Bhakti Yogshala Teacher Yoga Teacher Training in India

Not we say, our students say “Bhakti Yogshala provides the Best Aerial Yoga Teacher Training India”. We just try our best to boost the “Yogi” that is within you. We know Yoga is just not about postures or asanas, it is an umbrella word consisting broad range of experiences that can be achieved by the Physical, Mental and Spiritual ways. We, at Bhakti Yoga School Goa, are devoted to Yoga, and worship it by teaching and spreading its light to the world. For the sustainable development of a Yogi, we offer best suited 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa.

We will help you get all the knowledge to drive the confidence you need to develop the self-practice you've always been dreaming of! You will surely see yourself blossom and shift from apprentice to teacher. And we will be happy to witness your transformation! Join and live your dream with Yin Yoga teacher training in Goa, India. Bhakti Yogshala maintains the balanced distribution of teaching hours between Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy and other important subjects which are in sync with the USA Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International standards.

Below are some highlights, why Bhakti Yogshala is best Yoga School in Goa & Rishikesh:

  • Traditional Yoga Teacher Training
  • USA Yoga Alliance Certified Course
  • Affordable Course Fee
  • Experienced Yoga Masters laced with the wealth of deep yogic knowledge
  • Superb location surrounded by greenery and great accommodation with traditional vegetarian Indian food
  • Precisely Crafted 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course for overall growth
  • All Teacher Training Classes conducted by the Senior Most Trainers (Yoga Masters) who are having years of Yoga teaching experience
  • Yoga syllabus incorporating the values and culture of ancient and sacred Gurukul Schooling
  • After completing, Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India Course, we provide post teacher training support for graduating students enabling them to establish a deeper personal yoga practice as well as assisting them in setting up their careers as professional yoga teachers
  • Bhakti Yoga School is a home away from home; a family-like environment makes learning a blissful experience
  • Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training India is a renowned course for the transformation of an aspirant to master.

Our Courses

online yoga teacher training course


These courses are based Pre Recorded and live yoga classes with teachers, self-study, and self-practice and do make you eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA, and yoga TTC course content will be same as 200-hour yoga teacher training course. According to Yoga Alliance guidelines video and live online yoga teacher training with bhakti yogshala will complete yoga training at your pace and schedule with our resource, and you do not need to come so far away from your city to learn yoga in Goa, India. Through the use of simple and effective techniques provided by bhakti yogshala, you will able to learn how to practice at your home and will able to share a quality yoga class with others including the foundation of yoga

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300 hour online yoga teacher training course


The 300 hour online yoga teacher training course at Bhakti Yogshala concentrates on Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinayasa yoga, it connects the student in the study of the Patanjali Sutras, yoga psychology, science of breath & thought, understanding anatomy & bodily functions about classical & advanced yoga trainings. We examine in the spiritual anatomy of our ways, physic meditations, ayurveda and understanding the work of prana in each yogic posture that we follow during the course. Our curriculum is a careful organizing of practices from amazing of the most traditional purist schools of yoga, It carried us a excellent deal of thought teaching the 300 hour TTC, our crew selected divisions from extensive information & procedures available by the sutras, yoga & tantra to create a curriculum that assists you ask better, study efficiently and evoke within you a researcher of this experiential ability.

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Bhakti Yogshala’s 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, provides you with a deep and comprehensive immersion in the ancient art of Yoga that is totally wrapped with the Science that is within Yoga. This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh features Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Aerial, Acro and Kundalini Yoga, and a wide variety of topics, workshops, ceremonies and focuses on the overall inclusive development of aspirants to a master

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26 Days- 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India: Hatha, Astanga Yoga inclusive Course

This 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course enables you to teach and share the transformative benefits of Yin and Aerial Yoga. It is designed to provide a foundation for teaching these two styles skillfully, with compassion and awareness. With 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India (Rishikesh), one can strengthen the roots of aspirant Yogi which will be master of tomorrow.

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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Pokhara, Nepal

Bhakti Yogshala welcomes you to the land of the Himalayas, to Lord Buddha’s and Shiva’s abode. Come and endow yourself to a never-ending stream of the blessing of spirituality, nature, and yoga. The 200-hour yoga teacher training course with us is all about deepening your practice and gaining confidence so that you can share it with the rest of the world. This course is designed for all those people who are ready to commit themselves to the path of Yoga and who are seeking inner transformation in their lives. Under the guidance of highly experienced Yogis (Yoga Master) complete your USA Yoga Alliance approved certificate course.

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Bhakti Yogshala Yoga Teacher Training

Food & Accommodation


Yoga not only deals with learning and practicing, but it also asks for a disciplined and balanced lifestyle. As per the famous saying, “We become what we eat”, Yoga also follows this. A healthy and natural food is must thing for the better results of Yoga and at Bhakti Yogshala, we really care about it. Green gifts of nature full with essential nutrients and vitamins always remain at the utmost position of our food menu. We provide pure sattvic food that is prescribed by our Yoga Masters for yoga diet.


A positive environment is the most important thing for the better result of any work and for Yoga, it is all. At Bhakti Yogshala, we provide the best accommodation for the relaxing and comfy stay. By following the quote “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, we take care of all the attributes of a positive environment. Both types of room, private and shared are available with the majestic views of nature and the modern world need like Wi-Fi.

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Our Awesome Team

A student is an empty vessel and a teacher is the source that fills this empty vessel with in-depth knowledge and wisdom.

Swami Taponidhi
Philosophy, Meditation Teacher
Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher
Deepa Ji
Hatha Yoga ,Chair Yoga ,Ayurveda Teacher
Pawan Maheshwari Ji
Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga Teacher
Pranayama ,Philosophy,Meditation Teacher
Asana, Anatomy Teacher
Pranayama,Mudra,Shatkriya,Ayurveda Teacher
Hatha Yoga ,Pranayama Teacher

Bhakti Yogshala is a Yoga Alliance International (USA) certified Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa, India.