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Wherever you are, Yoga is not far from you! In this fast-growing world of the Internet, we are delivering the best experience of Yoga teaching through our renowned 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course via online mode. Our highly précised 200 hours multi-dimensional Yoga teacher training course, offers inclusive teaching of various Yoga forms. From Vinyasa Yoga to Hatha Yoga, Yin to Acro Yoga, Aerial to Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti YogaShala’s 200 hours Yoga teacher training offers multiple styles of Yoga. Knowledge of Ayurveda and basics of Meditation are an integral part of this online course. This course will cover all you need to know about Yoga including philosophical background.


  • Every Session is a live session that offers a real-time experience of Yoga; in the presence of Yoga Guru. 
  • Live Classes on Yin Yoga.
  • Live Classes on Hatha Yoga.
  • Live Classes on Asthanga Yoga.
  • Live Classes on Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Live Classes on Acro Yoga.
  • Live Classes of Aerial Yoga (If you don’t have a hammock, you can simply learn with the demo).
  • To offer the best Yoga experience to learners, our Yoga Guru (Yoga teacher) gives special attention to each and every student. By understanding the queries and providing a solution, an interactive live session works.
  • A multi-dimensional study guide with 80+ questions.
  • To provide an informative manual regarding Yoga and all; a downloadable and printable material with images, theory and practice exercise is inclusive with this online course.
  • Access to our social media group where we daily share knowledge of different aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda basics, Spiritual concepts, and Health and Immunity guides.
  • All-time access to the course material.
  • A downloadable series of Ashtanga Yoga’s Asanas with the Sanskrit names.
  • Examination of Theory and Presentation of Anatomy.
  • Free-One-Week-Stay and course revision class at Bhakti Yogashala (This can be done any-time throughout your life; as per your comfort).

Course Eligibility:

You are absolutely eligible to join this 200 hours Yoga teacher training online certification course if you fall under the following category; most probably you are:

  • If you are looking for an inclusive Yoga course.
  • If you want to get certified as a professional Yoga teacher.
  • If you want to maintain your health by the natural means at your home itself.
  • If you want to upgrade your Yoga practice and Yoga knowledge.
  • If you wish for a healthy you and a healthy and prosperous world.
  • If you love sharing knowledge with all and have an interest in teaching
  • If you are keen to know the Meditation and Chakra’s know-how.
  • If you want to get in attachment with India’s ancient culture and Yoga from the life of great Indian sages.
  • If you are a regular Yoga practitioner and want to sharpen your skills and upgrade yourself to the professional level.
  • If you are keen on the spiritual consciousness that can be achieved by the holistic practice of Yoga.

Course Curriculum:

An Overview:

200 hours multi-style Yoga Teacher Training course offered by the Bhakti Yogashala is a picture-perfect online course for the holistic learning of Yoga and to get certified for Yoga teacher training. The course includes multiple styles of Yoga including Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Aerial Yoga and many more. The course includes Yogic Philosophy, Meditation Style, Anatomy and Physiology, and the most important, teaching methodology.

The practice of Yoga and Asana

Our Yoga classes are live with an appropriate teacher-student ratio. Our Yoga teacher focuses on each student individually by resolving their queries and providing them satisfaction over each aspect of Yoga. Our highly experienced Yoga masters (Yoga teachers) are proficient in teaching and very familiar by the fact of attention on the individual for concept clearing of Yoga basics. This course will change you from Yoga learner to Yoga teacher.

Teaching Techniques and Methodologies

By this 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Online Course, our ultimate motto is to transform you from an aspirant to master. Our teaching includes general teaching techniques, Verbal instructions, Demonstrations, Starting a Class, Students handling, Philosophy of Yoga, Knowledge of Yogic Texts et cetera. Our course includes the entire minor to major aspects of Yoga teaching that will come handy to our students in professional teaching.


Knowing Philosophy of any field is the utmost and primary element, hence in Yoga too. Philosophy of Yoga under the light of various holly books like The Upanishad, the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and the Bhagavad Geeta will be taught by the Bhakti YogaShala’s teachers. The 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Online Certificate course covers all.

Yoga Anatomy

Yoga anatomy is all about the understanding of the human body. It includes knowledge of bones, muscles and internal body system. By understanding anatomy, you will be able to grasp the importance of stretching, body postures, body motion and asanas. More you will know about human body better you will understand how to work on it.

Alignments and Adjustments Workshops

Commonly known as A&A workshop involves techniques of adjustments (Physically), verbal grasping and other methodologies; aimed to improve practice and knowledge of anatomy. Comfort and Stability are the two pillars of A&A classes. In this class, you will learn about Energy Flow, Poses, and benefits of postures, body adjustments and restriction in practising Yoga.

Pranayama and Meditation

No yoga is complete without Meditation and we know it. Our 200 hours online teacher training course completely covers all kinds of Meditation styles: Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Cyclic Meditation, Nada Brahma, Mind-Sound Resonance and all.

Pranayama is the soul of Yoga as it is directly related to the control over breath. All the breathing techniques and the role of appropriate breathing while practising doing of Yoga will be given by our Yoga Teachers.  

Yoga as a Profession

Everyone has its reason to learn Yoga or of doing Yoga Teacher Training Course. Some aspirants come to learn for self while others come to learn how to teach. There is wide-range of students who choose Yoga as a profession and want to run a business by the Yoga Teaching. We understand this hence during the Yoga Course we also help you out by answering how to start own Yoga classes, how to interact within a community, how to build a network and all. Bhakti Yogashala always believes in boosting aspirants’ career in Yoga. 


Certification is the centre of this 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Online Course. After the completion of this course, we will provide you 200-hour YTTC certification accredited by the Yoga Alliance International. This certificate will authorize you to teach worldwide. 

Cash this affordable opportunity to online receive Yoga Teacher Certification with our renowned 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Online Course!